Monday, 9 April 2012

Tea Party For Kids Birthday

he Cabbage Patch Kids are lovable stuffed dolls that kids can 'adopt' and bring home. It is a great idea started in the 80s that really took off, then died down a bit during the 90s and is slowly gaining fans again as a classic toy. As a result parents who grew up with the Cabbage Patch Kids are raising kids of their own that love and appreciate their favorite dolls.
You can help to encourage that love of the Cabbage Patch Dolls by throwing your kids their very own Cabbage Patch themed party. This party works well for a birthday, a fun tea party and even for a special Easter celebration. Imagine throwing an Easter themed party. You can hide the dolls in specially wrapped Easter baskets and have the kids go hunting for them in the morning. They'll be so pleased and surprised by their finds. You'll just have to take pictures. Later on in the day you can get the kids to bring their dolls for an official adoption ceremony.

 For a girl's tea party nothing could be better than the Cabbage Patch Kids theme. Who else will sit around drinking imaginary tea if not them? You can make this occasion even better by giving each of the guests their very own cabbage patch kid. Or to save a little money just invite everyone to bring their own dolls if they have them. You can set that table with a Cabbage Patch Kids tablecloth, paper plates and napkins to hold the scrumptious goodies you'll be serving for the tea party. These will be real foods, not imaginary of course.

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