Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tea Party Birthday Favors

  • You may also choose to order various tea supplies from customized sites. For instance, decorated sugar cubes can be handed to guests, which they can then use at their own future tea parties. Individualized tea packages can also be personalized so that they have the date and name of your event. You can select which flavors you'd like to distribute, and many can be packaged with ribbons in colors of your choice. If you'd prefer to make your own supplies, purchase tea cups and decorate them with paint and stickers for your guests. You can order large numbers of cups in a number of sizes at your local craft store.

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    Tea Party Bridal Shower

    Are you planning a bridal shower but want to make it a bit different than the usual shower? Consider incorporating an afternoon tea theme into your plans. The event doesn't need to be a serious high tea with straight faces all around. Make it fun for the bride and the guests by going all out and helping everyone to get involved.
    If you want your guests to arrive prepared, make sure their invitation states that they are invited for an afternoon tea party. Hint that they bring items to help lighten the mood, such as fancy gloves, hankies or hats that they can use all through the shower. Getting the guests involved before the shower means fewer surprises during the shower and gives them a heads up as to what they can expect. There will often be some guests who won't feel comfortable participating, so don't let them get you down.
    It's also a thoughtful idea to have some extra costume pieces for guests who don't have anything at home that they can bring.

    Tea Party For Kids

    A children's tea party does not need to be limited to fancy
    dresses, gloves, and quiet chit-chat around the table-
    although this type of tea party can be great fun! If you are
    interested in hosting multiple tea parties or creating one
    special event, having a variety of themes to choose from
    may help get the creative juices flowing
    . Tea parties can
    focus around any of the following themes:
    o Birthdays
    o Seasons
    o Holidays
    o Special events (graduations, celebrations, etc.)
    o Favorite things (dolls, stuffed animals)
    o Special people (such as grandparents, friends)
    o Much, much more!
    Choose decorations that compliment your theme,
    and if possible, find invitations that are either theme-or
    tea-related, such as cups and saucers or teapots.
    Depending on your needs, you will need to have a certain
    amount of supplies for the designated party, or, if you are
    interested in hosting children's tea parties as a business
    venture, a variety of supplies. Some ideas include