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Tea Party Invitations

Tea party is an elegant way to celebrate new arrivals, retirement or a casual gathering among friends. The very first step to a really cool tea party is to get some good tea party invitations. You can opt for a hand-written tea party invitation or simply use pretty note cards to make the tea party invitations. The important information like the venue, time and date must be entered correctly and clearly on the invitation. Also, the contact details of the party host (RSVP), in case, anybody is not able to attend the party. Tea party invitations for kids, girls, friends and family, for different occasions can be written with catchy phrases and verses. 

"A spot of tea…
You are cordially invited to a Victorian tea party on
Saturday, August 31, 2009
Four o’clock in the afternoon
At the home of Katie Smith
123, Peace Lily Park,
Please respond to Katie at (Contact Number)"

"I wish we could sit down together
And have a cup of tea
But since we can’t
When you have this one
I hope you’ll think of me.
source unknown"

"A little cup of friendship
With a bag of tea
When you drink this
Think of love from me.
source unknown"

Baby Shower Tea Party Favors

  • Cookie Favor
    You can give personalized cookies as party favors. Baby shower cookies come in different colors with a few designs that you can choose from. As said earlier, you can also personalize the cookies by adding text to mark the special occasion. Once the choice is made, you can select how you would like it packed.
  • Coffee/Tea Favor
    A good gift is a personalized coffee/tea favor. These favors contain the best coffee/tea available that you can have packed in pouches with fun and elegant baby designs. The designs that I am talking about here can be personalized with about two lines of custom text.
  • Scented Candle Favor
    Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the whole house smelling of baby powder? To do this, you can give your give baby powder scented candles as baby shower favors. These candles are beautiful, all you need to do is select the packing and have it personalized using personalized gift tags.
  • Chocolate Lollipop Favor
    This could be a sweet treat for your guests! You can have the chocolate lollipops personalized with the name and date of the baby shower. Have the chocolate lollipops carefully packed and I am certain they will earn you brownie points!

Kids Tea Party Favors

Decorations are amongst the primary elements of planning the best tea party. Once you have decided the date for the party and finished sending the special tea party invitations to your near and dear ones, it's time to start planning for the decorations. The first thing is to plan the venue, is it going to be inside your house or is it going to be a garden tea party? Now consider the available space and move on to know about the tea party decorations that you can have to beautify the area. 

Tea Party Favor Ideas

Cookies: Cookies are some of the best homemade tea party favors that you can present to your dear guests. They are easy to prepare and you don't have to put in lot of money for the same. You can make chocolate cookies, almond butter cookies or sugar cookies and mold them into different attractive shapes. Since it's a tea party favor, you can give the shape of a tea pot or even a tea cup. Use small craft bags to put these cookies and tie the bags with satin ribbons. You can even give cookie cutters as your tea party favor. Your guests will surely love this tea party favor.

Tea Bags: Flavored tea bags make wonderful tea party favors for adults tea parties. You can even gift your guests some samples of the tea served at the tea party. Herbal tea bags like those made from lavender tea, green tea, jasmine tea, etc., can also be a good treat for your guests. Tea bags can be wrapped in various ways, like you can have simple origami envelopes, satin bags or gift baskets. Also attach a small thank you note to the tea bag along with the instructions to brew the tea. You may even gift more than one tea sample and place the flavored tea bags in small decorative boxes.

Cup and Saucer: Tea cup and saucer is an excellent favor for tea parties. Tea cups and saucers are available in a variety of designs and colors. You can select beautiful small tea cups for your guests, wrap them in small bags or place them in gift boxes. A combination of cup-saucer and demitasse spoon, makes a perfect tea party favor. These spoons can also be gifted along with other tea party favors like tea bags.

Homemade Tea Party Favors

Hosting a party at your own house, gives you the freedom to take charge of the decorations according to your own ideas. You can make the party as creative or even as wacky as you want. You should know that party decorations are an inseparable aspect of the party planning process. It is a great idea to make all your party decorations at home, since it will not only help you save money on ready made party supplies but homemade party decorations also give a touch of originality to your party and you actually end up having fun while making these decorations. 

Mad Hatter Tea Party Decorations

Princess Tea Party Decorations

 The decorations will actually depend on which princess theme your party is based. For example if you choose an Alice in Wonderland theme, make a small cardboard entrance to your house, decorate the party room with mismatched tea cups and saucers, small chairs and table etc. However, if you are not keeping any theme, you can simply decorate the party hall with lots of pink stuff like confetti, balloons, streamers etc. To give a royal look to the party hall, decorate the tables with fake fish bowl centerpieces surrounded with fake pearls. You could also keep a small treasure chest at one corner of the room or even display the precious fake pearls and glitter stones on small stands throughout the room. The princess can take the guests on a round showing off her wealth! Also decorate the staircases with fresh flower bouquets, and silk drapes. The dress of the princess is also very important, the dress of the little princess should be grand, something like a pink satin gown. Also make or buy a tiara for the host, you can make the party more exciting by making the princess enter only after all the guests have arrived! Read more on princess party idea.

Tea Party Table Decorations

Is your best friend engaged and is going to get married soon? Then it is your duty and responsibility to throw your friend a bridal shower. A bridal shower is a traditional party where all the bride's friends can gather together and have a bit of fun. If you are throwing a bridal shower party for your recently engaged friend, do make sure that you keep her interests in mind. You also need to consult her on the menu and entertainment she would like to have and also the people she would like to have in her bridal shower. Do not invite any particular friend or friends that she is not very keen to see. Having a frank talk with the prospective bride about the guest list, will help you to avoid any awkward and unpleasant situations later. Having said that, the bridal shower decorations as well as the theme is entirely your domain. You can choose to have any kind of decorations for the bridal shower party. Table decorations are of course an integral part of a bridal shower and you should have some original and great table d├ęcor. Here we are going to discuss some ideas for table decorations for bridal shower.

Tea Party Baby Shower Decorations

A baby shower is a great way to celebrate the baby’s arrival as well as the would-be-mother’s joy. It is a great time to shower the would-be mother with some of the most useful and interesting gifts that would be a great help to the mother on the baby’s arrival. A baby shower is most of the times an event that is exclusively arranged by and for the ladies, however with the changing trends several people like to accommodate men into this ceremony as well. Planning a baby shower is a task that is usually taken up by one of the friends of relatives of the expecting mother. Here are some interesting baby shower ideas and themes that will help you to plan the perfect baby shower! 

Tea Party Bridal Shower Decorations

Bridal shower is a party arranged for the bride-to-be, to pamper her and give her gifts in anticipation of her wedding. The close friends and family members can spend some intimate and valuable time with the bride-to-be during this party. Decorations, gifts, games and other party elements together make a perfect event to pamper her and shower love and blessings. While the bridesmaid is the one known to be arranging this party, there are many people working on its plan. So, if you looking forbridal shower party ideas then you have hit the right link. Here are some unique and best bridal shower ideas that will help you have a memorable celebration for the bride-to-be.

Tea Party Pictures

Though originally being a British concept, tea parties are very well known all over the world today. From little girls to young women, every double X chromosome loves the idea of leisurely spending time over tea and chit chatting with friends. Many women love to have their tea parties either in the house or in the backyard. But a gardentea party is more fun with friends with green trees and ponds around you. If you have a garden at home, well nothing like it, but if not, feel free to simply set up a lovely tea table and feast away in a lovely garden nearby. If you're going to be hosting a garden tea party, you will have to make the arrangements. Thus mentioned below are a few ideas for garden tea party, so take a look.

Kids Tea Party Decorations

A party is something that everyone looks forward to. Whether it is one that they're organizing or one that they will be attending. Everything needs to be perfect. The invites, the food, and of course the venue. If you are organizing a party, then it is very obvious that you need to take care of the party decoration. There are many party ideasthat can be explored to come up with the perfect decorations. As soon as people enter the venue of the party, they should get the feel and vibe of the party. And even if someone happens to enter by mistake, they should be able to guess what the party is all about, just by looking at the party decorations. Given below are the different party decoration ideas for adults and party decoration ideas for kids, that you can try out. For better comprehension, we have divided the ideas into decoration ideas according to the themes that you may decide and according to the occasion. Have fun!

Tea Party Decorations

Decorations are amongst the primary elements of planning the best tea party. Once you have decided the date for the party and finished sending the special tea party invitations to your near and dear ones, it's time to start planning for the decorations. The first thing is to plan the venue, is it going to be inside your house or is it going to be a garden tea party? Now consider the available space and move on to know about the tea party decorations that you can have to beautify the area. 

Tea Party Birthday Themes

Be it Batman, Superman or Spiderman, bring your child's crime fighting superheroes to life with this fun theme. The birthday party invitation can include ones which have the logos of these characters. There are many superhero invitations available online for printing. The party supplies can be coordinated with the theme. So you can pick up Spiderman cups, plates, napkins and even a special Spiderman table cloth from any of the party supplies stores. If you cannot find the superhero party supplies then pick up red and blue partyware for your Spiderman birthday theme. For the party favors you can opt for Spiderman favor boxes containing superhero stickers, pencils, toys and candies.

Tea Party Menu

Tea parties are in vogue; and this fact is reflected in the large number of tea rooms that have mushroomed all over the country. Also called afternoon tea, this British tradition calls for a late afternoon of tea, delectable snacks and petit fours. The idea is to revel in a luxurious afternoon created by cozy ambiance, quiet conversation and scrumptious foods. Tea parties are usually commenced between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. As the host, you should send out invitations that correspond with your theme in advance, so that your guests have a week to RSVP. Plan a floral centerpiece and bring out you best china tea set. Once you have your menu set, you should practice preparing the tea party menu recipes, so that your party goes off without a hitch.
To start with the basics, it is important to learn the correct technique of brewing a pot of tea. First rinse the tea pot with hot water, and the add the tealeaves to it. Boil the water in a pan, and then pour it into the teapot. Allow it to brew for 3 to 4 minutes, and then serve it along with a jug of milk (not cream) and a pot of sugar cubes. You can also serve lemon along with the tea in the form of slices. This is the traditional manner of serving tea but you can deviate and serve a flavored tea, iced tea or even coffee. Read about how to host ahigh tea party.

Tea Party Favors

he origin of the tea party was meant for social gatherings, specially for women. It is basically an Anglo-American culture that was also practiced during the Victorian era. Tea parties have now become popular all over the world and are organized for celebrating occasions like baby showers, weddings, birthdays, etc. Party invitations, party food, favors, decorations, etc., are some of the important elements of a party. Party favors are nothing but gift items that are given to the guests as a token of love. A party favor is basically a gift for the guests to thank them for their attendance at the party. So, if you are arranging a tea party for your friends and are looking for some nice ideas on tea party favors to make at home or for purchasing ready-made favors, then here is some useful information for you.

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Tea Party Games

Talk about the fairer sex and tea parties go almost as if synonymous with it. Tea parties are something like a breath of fresh air for women - be it little girls or grown up women, it suits all the age groups. Gossip, bitch, crib. Discuss love lives (of course for older women) and have a hearty laugh with your chums. All in all, have a good time and forget about the daily grind. To add to the fun and frolic,tea party games are perfect. In case you were planning a tea party and were stuck up when it comes to the games, take a sneak peek at these games to host a fun and interesting tea party!