Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tea Party

A tea party can be held for various reasons, not necessarily just for a birthday. The reasons may be to teach your child etiquette and manners or to discuss any important subject. 'Little beauties' love wearing beautiful dresses and getting all the attention. What they also love is acting 'grown up'. They are delighted at the sight of cakes, fancy cookies, sandwiches, games, etc.

Tea Party Birthday Supplies

Everyone loves attending a great birthday party. You know, the ones where attention has been given to details and where everything seems to fit just right around the theme of the party? Does it seem like only a few people have what it takes to plan great parties? By remembering a few simple tips, almost anyone can plan great birthday parties. One of the most important tips you need to learn is that having great birthday party supplies is key to making any party a hit.
We've probably all been to a birthday party that looks like it has been thrown together at the last minute. Nothing matches and there doesn't seem to be a theme to the birthday party supplies, the food, the games or anything else. Parties like this can be a drag to attend. The next birthday party you plan doesn't have to be like this at all. By carefully choosing the right birthday party supplies, you can ensure that your party will be fun and enjoyed by all.
Birthday party supplies can include anything that you need to get for your party. Things like decorations, food, paper products and games are all a part of birthday party supplies. You should be strategic about each element of your party planning. Begin by thinking about who you are giving the party for. It is often great to center the birthday party supplies around the likes and tastes of the birthday person. Think about their favorite colors, games, and foods when you start to plan.

Tea Party Birthday Cake

 pkg. Oreo cookies
1/2 c butter, softened
1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese, softened
1 c powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 (3 1/2 oz.) pkg. instant chocolate pudding
3 c milk
1 (12 oz.) tub Cool Whip, thawed
Gummi worms (one for each child)
Crush Oreos. Put 1/3 of the Oreos into a new or clean, foil-lined dump truck. Beat the butter, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla together. Set aside. Combine the milk and pudding mix. Fold the Cool Whip into the pudding. Fold together pudding mixture and cream cheese mixture. Alternately, layer the pudding mixture and the cookie crumbs in the dump truck. Put worms in "soil" so they are seen emerging. Chill 3-4 hours and serve with plastic shovel.

Tea Party Ideas

A revival of social traditions of the past has led to the growing popularity of tea parties. Some of the indications of this trend is the increase of tea sales in the U.S and appearance of tea rooms throughout the country. While Jane Austen's books give us a mental picture of what the Victorian tea parties must have been like, we may need to adapt them to modern setting. Contemporary tea party idea must be such that they don't need a house full of staff to set up. One can have an elegant tea partycomplete with a cozy ambiance, quiet conversation, and etiquette, without it being lavish, or time consuming. Tea parties are the perfect, yet unique way to celebrate many occasions, such as a retirement party, bridal or baby shower, a book reading, a birthday celebration, or even just to catch up with good friends. 

Garden Tea Party

hough originally being a British concept, tea parties are very well known all over the world today. From little girls to young women, every double X chromosome loves the idea of leisurely spending time over tea and chit chatting with friends. Many women love to have their tea parties either in the house or in the backyard. But a garden tea party is more fun with friends with green trees and ponds around you. If you have a garden at home, well nothing like it, but if not, feel free to simply set up a lovely tea table and feast away in a lovely garden nearby. If you're going to be hosting a garden tea party, you will have to make the arrangements. Thus mentioned below are a few ideas for garden tea party, so take a look.
Tea parties are generally a very personal affair, but now a days they are simply an occasion to get together and have some girl fun under the sun. Making it into an occasional party such as celebrating a birthday, or a bridal shower or even a baby shower can be a great idea for a garden tea party. But with all the planning, you would have to make all the necessary arrangements for your party. Hence we have put together a few points which might be helpful in hosting a garden tea party. More on tea party ideas.

Tea Party Birthday Theme

Birthdays! A joyous occasion to be celebrated every year! There's a reason kids love birthdays and it's not just because they get lots of presents. Ok, yeah, maybe it is but there's more to it than that. Most of the birthday gifts are forgotten a few months, if not days, after the big event and yet the memories of the birthday parties can last a lifetime.
Centering your birthday party on a theme is a great way to create those lifetime memories. And it is a wonderful way to make your party planning easier, too. So what kind of parties make for the "this was the best party of my life" comments from your kids?
* Princess Parties - If you've got girls, you know the word princess was one of the first words in their vocabulary. Princess parties are not only delightful, they're extremely popular and because of that it's pretty easy to find great decor, tableware, crafts and activities to make it easy. Just think "PINK" and you'll be halfway there! Don't limit yourself to just the popular Disney Princesses though - keep the theme more broad and make YOUR princess the star of the show.
* Dinosaur Party - Better balance this article out with a very popular theme for the boys - the Dinosaur party. Think green, brown, big and noisy and you've got the making of a great party revolving around all things Dino! The thing that makes this party so easy is you can use a lot of kraft grocery bags and other recyclables to really turn your house around for the party. Use them to cut out rocks and footprints and more. Use some green streamers for the jungle effect. Make dirt cake as the birthday cake and hide green M&Ms inside as the dinosaur eggs. See how fun this is?
* Teddy Bear Party - I can't imagine any party that's easier to put together than a Teddy Bear party. Have the kids bring their favorite teddy or hire a make your own teddy bear entertainer to keep the kids occupied and then the guests will have a great take home gift too. A teddy shaped cake is very easy to make with a couple of round cake pans or you can make it even easier and frost a 9x13 cake and decorate it with either gummy bears or teddy grahams. Enhance the theme with either a tea party or a teddy bear fashion show - or have one of the activities be where the kids make clothes for their animals.

Birthday Tea Parties

Birthday parties are something that we all look forward to from the time we are very young. When we are young it’s the cake, presents, and the party favors that get us going, but as we get older we typically just look forward to the social aspect, and hopefully some great food. You are never too old to have a great time at a birthday party, no matter what the theme may be and even who the company is.
Planning A Birthday Party
Planning a birthday party may be even better than having your own birthday parties when you were young. There are a lot of great birthday party ideas to get your inner party planner going. For younger children all you need to do is take a trip through a discount party supplies store and you’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with. Once you have an idea of what your child’s favorite characters or colors are you can buy birthday streamers, favors, and other supplies that will turn any location into a true birthday party atmosphere. The great thing is that you don’t need to break the bank to plan your child’s birthday party because you can get quality supplies at discount party supplies stores that will help save you money while providing your child with the birthday parties of his or her dreams. Birthday parties are fun for kids, but even more fun for parents to plan!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tea Party Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for a toddler is something all parents look forward to. After all, your little one is turning a year older and how can you possibly not make this occasion as special as possible? These are precious moments in your child's life, with so many new and exciting changes to celebrate every year! But coming up with birthday party ideas for toddlers can be a little overwhelming as you want to plan a event that not only your little one loves but the other kids enjoy too. When planning a birthday party, you have to ensure that the everything is taken care of beforehand. Here are some birthday party planning tips that will help you:
  • Make sure that the party does not continue for a long time. For toddlers, an hour or hour and a half is a good time span before attention runs out.
  • While choosing a location for the party, besides your home, it is best to choose someplace where independent play is encouraged, like parks and indoor playhouses where it will be easy to keep the kids entertained.
  • Party invitations for toddler birthday parties should not be elaborate. Handwrite the basic information on an invitation matching the theme in crayons, and add a picture of your birthday boy or girl.
  • Give out party favors to all the kids while the birthday boy or girl is opening gifts so that the other kids are entertained throughout the gift opening.

Tea Party Games

Simple and enjoyable games in the party are what make kids to have a great fun. The following are some of the most interesting games that kids of 4-5 years can easily follow and enjoy.
Blowing bubbles is always tops in fun. This wise hostess placed a low flat pan in the center of one of the low tables. In it she had put a mixture of soapy water and a few drops of glycerin. She gave each child a straw. Soon the air was filled with squeals of delight from the youngsters as the bubbles floated upward. The straws were excellent blowers, made no mess, and were easily replaced when broken by chubby fingers.
After the activity of these games the youngsters were ready to settle down at the tables to try finger painting. Each child was fitted with a large paper apron to protect his party clothes. The bib-style aprons were made of heavy butcher's paper on which ties and halters of tape had been stitched. Finger painting of course is that familiar childhood art of smearing finger paint onto large sheets of paper with the fingers. Our hostess made a generous supply of three colors of finger paint. Here is her recipe.

Tea Party Birthday

Birthday Tea Party Planning

If you want to be at peace on the day of the birthday tea party, plan it 6 – 8 weeks in advance. It'll give you enough time to purchase and mail the party invitations and to make travel plans, if needed. If you have less time, don't panic. Just a little careful planning and every thing will be set. Of course, if you want to increase the number of guests attending the tea party, it is advisable to plan everything in advance.

Birthday Tea Party Invitations

Send the invitations as early as possible. This will give the guests ample time to organize their trip, if they live far away and make sure that they are able to attend the tea party. Also don't exceed the number of guests above 5 or 6 people. A good way to send invitations is to send an inexpensive tea mug or a real tea bag with a tea label invitation attached. The invitations should be creative, short and simple.

Birthday Tea Party Decorations

Hosting the tea party outdoors is a good idea. However, if you're hosting a birthday party indoors, you will need to make special arrangements, like, bringing a few garden flowers indoors for decoration. The area where the party is to be held should be filled with balloons, streamers, confetti, etc. All the decorations should be done keeping your little girl's preferences in mind, like, if she loves the color purple, add a purple touch and a feminine look in your decorations. Decorate with lots of candles and colorful tablecloths. A few things that you could use for the decorations and overall ambiance are:

  • Paper dollies
  • Pink and white streamers
  • Silver foil balloons
  • Fresh flower bucket
  • Dolls and stuffed animals
  • Playing the girl's favorite music