Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tea Party Games

Simple and enjoyable games in the party are what make kids to have a great fun. The following are some of the most interesting games that kids of 4-5 years can easily follow and enjoy.
Blowing bubbles is always tops in fun. This wise hostess placed a low flat pan in the center of one of the low tables. In it she had put a mixture of soapy water and a few drops of glycerin. She gave each child a straw. Soon the air was filled with squeals of delight from the youngsters as the bubbles floated upward. The straws were excellent blowers, made no mess, and were easily replaced when broken by chubby fingers.
After the activity of these games the youngsters were ready to settle down at the tables to try finger painting. Each child was fitted with a large paper apron to protect his party clothes. The bib-style aprons were made of heavy butcher's paper on which ties and halters of tape had been stitched. Finger painting of course is that familiar childhood art of smearing finger paint onto large sheets of paper with the fingers. Our hostess made a generous supply of three colors of finger paint. Here is her recipe.

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