Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tea Party Birthday Theme

Birthdays! A joyous occasion to be celebrated every year! There's a reason kids love birthdays and it's not just because they get lots of presents. Ok, yeah, maybe it is but there's more to it than that. Most of the birthday gifts are forgotten a few months, if not days, after the big event and yet the memories of the birthday parties can last a lifetime.
Centering your birthday party on a theme is a great way to create those lifetime memories. And it is a wonderful way to make your party planning easier, too. So what kind of parties make for the "this was the best party of my life" comments from your kids?
* Princess Parties - If you've got girls, you know the word princess was one of the first words in their vocabulary. Princess parties are not only delightful, they're extremely popular and because of that it's pretty easy to find great decor, tableware, crafts and activities to make it easy. Just think "PINK" and you'll be halfway there! Don't limit yourself to just the popular Disney Princesses though - keep the theme more broad and make YOUR princess the star of the show.
* Dinosaur Party - Better balance this article out with a very popular theme for the boys - the Dinosaur party. Think green, brown, big and noisy and you've got the making of a great party revolving around all things Dino! The thing that makes this party so easy is you can use a lot of kraft grocery bags and other recyclables to really turn your house around for the party. Use them to cut out rocks and footprints and more. Use some green streamers for the jungle effect. Make dirt cake as the birthday cake and hide green M&Ms inside as the dinosaur eggs. See how fun this is?
* Teddy Bear Party - I can't imagine any party that's easier to put together than a Teddy Bear party. Have the kids bring their favorite teddy or hire a make your own teddy bear entertainer to keep the kids occupied and then the guests will have a great take home gift too. A teddy shaped cake is very easy to make with a couple of round cake pans or you can make it even easier and frost a 9x13 cake and decorate it with either gummy bears or teddy grahams. Enhance the theme with either a tea party or a teddy bear fashion show - or have one of the activities be where the kids make clothes for their animals.

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