Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tea Party Food

Do you have any new idea for a Wedding tea party or Birthday party? Are you looking for one?
One student, Judy, was asking a cooking class teacher, whether she could give some advice and provide her some simple recipes for her up coming tea party.
This is her first time organizing such a great gathering. She had never attended a wedding and Birthday party before. She had no confidence at all. Moreover, this is only her second cooking lesson.
"Well, I have to help her. I love to give her all my support"!
The teacher said to the class.
She started first with cocktail.
Grapefruit Cocktail
1 grapefruit (peeled)
1 egg white (beaten)
1 teaspoon sugar
50 ml sherry wine
1 cherry
a. Slice the grapefruit, remove the seeds, and extract the juice.
b. Pick a pretty glass, apply first the egg white, then the sugar, around the edge.
c. Mix the juice with sherry wine.
d. Pour it into the glass carefully, without touching the edge of the glass.
e. Garnish with a cherry.
"Is this simple and amazing? All of you should be able to make it." The teacher said to the class.

Kids Tea Party

Set a table with a tablecloth and napkins.
If you are having a large party, put everything on two or three tables near where you will make the tea. Then set up smaller tables and chairs around the room.
Paper doilies on the serving plates, bouquets of fresh flowers for your centerpieces add to the tone.
And, of course, you will want a teapot; preferably ceramic. If you do not have one, they can be had inexpensively from garage sales and thrift shops.
Activities and Games
For young guests, asking everyone to join in singing I'm a Little Tea Pot is a must.
And reading a favorite whimsical story will go over well. Some recommendations are books by Beatrix Potter, Alice In Wonderland, and Winnie-the-Pooh.
Arts and crafts activities work well also.
By their nature, children's tea parties lend themselves to playing dress-up. To get suitable clothes (formal, the bigger the better) clean out your closet and ask friends to contribute. Afterwards the clothes can be returned or donated to charity.
Include lots of scarves and jewelry. Long Mardi Gras beads work especially well for this purpose.
Get lots of inexpensive make-up.
Food and Drink
This is the heart of a tea party. Why, the beverage would be tea, of course. But if the children are too young to handle the hot liquid, you can substitute punch or other cold beverage.
Serve food in small bite sized portions. Some examples? Think bite-sized sandwiches filled with egg salad, peanut butter and jelly, or other yummy fillings the kids would like. You can use cookie cutters to make them into unusual shapes.
You will also want to serve small cookies and cakes.

Tea Party Birthday Parties

Set the stage for your child's tea party by making your invitation elegant but fun. And you'll have your invited guests excited if you tell them you'll be doing makeovers and playing dress up.
You might word your invitation like this:
"(First and last name of the birthday girl) invites you to join her for a birthday tea party celebrating her (number of birthday) th. birthday."
"For your tea time with (birthday child's first name) please wear a party dress for high tea. You can also wear your dress up hat and gloves."
To make your invitation really special and exciting you might include a pair of white gloves with the invitation.
If your birthday tea party is for younger children, you might ask them to bring a favorite doll or stuffed animal with them.
And don't forget to give them all the important information too.
"Our special tea party will take place on (month and date) at (start time for your party), ending promptly at (end time)."
Giving an end time for your party will keep you from having party guests stuck at your house waiting for a parent to pick them up.
"Our party location will be (street address and other important location information)."
You can also mention that you will be doing make overs and playing dress up.

Baby Shower Tea Party

If you are in charge of planning a baby shower and you have come up with the idea of making it a tea party baby shower then you will have to do a few extra things then you would with a regular baby shower. To start with you are going to have to have all of the invitations printed up tea party style and you can have that done at your local print shop.
Make sure that you specify that it is a tea party baby shower on them, so your guests will know. Then of course you are then going to have to pay a visit to your local baker to decide on what all you are going to be serving at your tea party baby shower in the way of small cakes and pastries.
One idea is to make your own small tea party sandwiches by using a cookie cuter to cut out bread in shapes that go along with your motif or theme of the baby shower. Of course, to have a tea party baby shower you are also going to need all of the serviceware including table clothes and all of that can be had from your local rental outlet.
You will find if you call around that most rental yards that rent tools and equipment also rent out party necessities as well. You are going to have to give away some party favors as well at your event and small boxes of exotic teas are an excellent idea for a tea party baby shower.

Tea Party Birthday Games

Every year I try to think of something different for my girls' birthday parties, when they turned 4 I did a Tea Party. I started several months before their party so I could shop around for the best prices on all of the items I needed.
The first thing I looked for was a good price on tea cups and saucers. I was able to find 24 of them for 1.99 each, which was perfect. I was only going to glue them together, write on the cup "save the date" and the day and time of the party. I then printed on colored construction paper a teapot with the specifics of the tea party, including the dress code. We asked all the ladies and girls to wear dresses and hats, if they had them, gloves. We asked the men to wear summer dress, light dress pants or dress shorts.
I found 12 white gloves for adults on the internet for $5. They were shear but they were perfect for any of the ladies who wanted to use them. I also found 12 men's hat's at Oriental Trading for $24 dollars. For just a few dollars I purchased fans from Oriental Trading also.
I made my girls their tea party dresses complete with two rows of ruffles in the material of their favorite colors.