Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tea Party Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for a toddler is something all parents look forward to. After all, your little one is turning a year older and how can you possibly not make this occasion as special as possible? These are precious moments in your child's life, with so many new and exciting changes to celebrate every year! But coming up with birthday party ideas for toddlers can be a little overwhelming as you want to plan a event that not only your little one loves but the other kids enjoy too. When planning a birthday party, you have to ensure that the everything is taken care of beforehand. Here are some birthday party planning tips that will help you:
  • Make sure that the party does not continue for a long time. For toddlers, an hour or hour and a half is a good time span before attention runs out.
  • While choosing a location for the party, besides your home, it is best to choose someplace where independent play is encouraged, like parks and indoor playhouses where it will be easy to keep the kids entertained.
  • Party invitations for toddler birthday parties should not be elaborate. Handwrite the basic information on an invitation matching the theme in crayons, and add a picture of your birthday boy or girl.
  • Give out party favors to all the kids while the birthday boy or girl is opening gifts so that the other kids are entertained throughout the gift opening.

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