Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Birthday Tea Party Favors

While you start tea party decorations, remember that it's a 'tea party' and not a birthday party. So the decorations should not be much loud. You must concentrate on creating a soft and calm atmosphere, instead of a jazzy one. Instead of playing up the entire room, you need to work mostly on the table and area around it. Start it with party theme which is sure to add fun to the party and will give a defined look to the decorations. You can opt for a color theme or fun theme like Alice in wonderland. Alice in wonderland decorations are best for the kids tea party. You can add all those elements like mis-matched teacups and saucers to the table while doing tea party decorations for kids, especially for that princess tea party. Kids tea party decorations can include a mix of colors. Else, you can have a dual colored theme, which is a good tea party idea. Now that the theme is decided, proceed with adding the elements, those essential for the party and to decorate the area. 

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