Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Birthday Tea Party Etiquette

Good invitations are the first step towards a successful party. Now what are good invitations. Generally we consider nicely decorated, theme related and invitations that provide information of the venue and time clearly, as good invitations. However, that is not the only criteria for a good invitation. Apart from the above information, the tea party invitation should also let the guests know, if there is any special requirement, like that of a specific dress code. Many a times women are confused about what they should wear at tea parties, so instead of telling them what to wear (it's their personal choice), you can tell them what not to wear, like no jeans and T-shirt etc. If you are hosting a tea party in the garden, you need to tell the guests to wear their hats. And if you are hosting a Victorian tea party, you need to let the guests know that they are supposed to bring their own cup along, just as they did in the Victorian times. Read more on Victorian tea party ideas.

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