Monday, 9 April 2012

Little Girl Tea Party

A tea party is such a grown-up affair, but little girls love to join in the fun too. Tea parties for young ladies are unique and exciting events in which to celebrate those special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Any little girl will love hosting her very own tea party for her friends!
There is a wide variety of tea pots, cup and saucer sets and tea party favors that are made especially for the younger tea-loving set. Some items are sold separately, but there are many lovely gift sets that provide all the serving pieces needed for a complete and fabulous tea party. A tea party can even highlight your little lady's favorite toy or book. Sets, as well as individual items, come in well-known themes like the "Alice in Wonderland" Teapot, Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit mug set and Noah's Ark collectible teapot. These are just a few of the favorites. Other themed items include an adorable Leaping Lilly Frog teapot, as well as the Smiley Face cup and saucer set. Children will love hosting her very own birthday party with the ever popular Party Hat Teapot

Tea parties can offer little ladies a chance to dress up in fancy clothes and feel very special pouring and sipping tea with friends, mommies and daddies, or even their favorite stuffed animals or baby dolls. Whether elbow-length white gloves are in order with a favorite "ball gown" passed down from big sister or picked up from a local thrift store along with an over-sized, but elegant "floppy" hat with feathers perhaps, a tea party will provide treasured memories and often new family traditions to be passed down from generation to generation. The ideas are endless for setting the stage for your precious little lady's tea party. She can wear her Sunday best or simply her favorite pajamas. The most important thing about the event is the time spent together.

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