Monday, 9 April 2012

Dress Up Tea Party Invitations

The birthday invitation I just described will be remembered for a long, long time and will likely result in more of the people you invited actually showing up for your child's birthday party.
For years, two methods have have been used to invite guests to our children's birthday parties. Either an invitation sent through the mail or you make a telephone call and invite them over the phone. Boring!
But sending someone right to their door in costume and in character representing your birthday theme is an invitation that will be enjoyed and tells the person your inviting that your party is really going to be special.

Having a birthday Tea Party? Have a male dress up in a tuxedo and deliver your invitation as your butler.
For a Princess birthday party you might have a male dressed as a Prince deliver the invitation. Or you might have a Fairy Godmother deliver it for you.
A Pirate birthday party is a great opportunity to send a Pirate to say "AARRRHH" and deliver a secret treasure map.
The possibilities are endless and so is the fun you'll have.

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