Friday, 4 May 2012

Zebra Party Decorations

Yes, zebra decoration ideas are as many as grains of sand on the beach. Sure, zebra print as a decorative motif has gone in and out of style over the years. But, for this decade at least, it's back, and bigger than ever! We've all seen those fabulous "Pimp My House" and "MTV Cribs" shows, where celebrities flaunt their swanky Hollywood mansions, and generally make fools of themselves, primping for our amusement, and expecting us to drool appreciatively over their bling and swag.
You'll notice, more and more of these celebrated personages are draping their offspring's bedrooms up in zebra print. Not just tacky, garish, leftovers from their long ago 80's heyday. Nope, we're talking thousands of dollars' worth of silk and satin zebra striped bed sheets, pillows, wall hangings, wallpaper, etc. Some stars just seem to move to zebra print default mode when decorating their children's rooms. No one seems to know why.

Regardless, you don't have to break your budget, or the bounds of your common sense, in order to add a little much needed zest and zing to your home. One thing's for sure, though: those blank white, vacant, cheerless walls have got to go! Not that you need to tear down the walls, but let's paper them over with a little zebra decor that will transport your room back in time to the deep dark African Savannah!

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