Friday, 4 May 2012

Birthday Party Decorations

Instead of regular balloons, why not create an amazing balloon display? You can do this by buying regular sized, clear balloons and some mini balloons. It takes a bit of practice, but what you need to do is carefully poke the mini balloon inside the neck of the regular balloon, holding onto the opening. Now blow up the little balloon and tie it off before letting it go right inside the big one. Blow up the big balloon and you will see the smaller globe bouncing around inside! Also, try making balloon bouquets for the party area. This is simple to do, all you need is to pick out different colored balloons to match the party. Hold the string at the top of the balloon as tight as you can and tie a knot. Make sure you get the knot as close to the top as you can. Space them around the room for a festive look.

Making your own streamers is a great way to pull off that creative d├ęcor look. You can buy crepe paper already pre-folded, or fanfold it yourself to the dimensions you wish. Make a template of the shape you want, that complements the birthday party theme. For example, if the theme is space, you might want to do a rocket ship or an alien. Just make sure that the template reaches both sides of the crepe paper fan. Now, cut out the shape, making sure to leave at least a half inch connected at either end. This creates a chain of shapes when you unfold the paper!

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