Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tea Party Recipes

You will want to make the house as pretty as possible. Fresh flowers are a must, use them everywhere. I had a birthday tea in early June & I put vases of peonies everywhere, they are beautiful. Use traditional vases, or teapots that no longer have lids. Sometimes you can find then for a bargain since they no longer have a lid! Use candles both tapers & scattered votives or tea lights. I use some of those fancy shaped Christmas light that are sold now in all kinds of shapes. I have some pretty heart ones & some flower ones & even some dragonfly lights ( those are for the fairy tea party - see my page on fairy tea parties) Play soft music in the background. There are even tea party music CD's you can purchase. For tablecloths try lace or damask. Scatter silk rose petals on your table. Use real linen or fancy paper napkins. I found some monogrammed napkins at an antique store in California last year. They were inexpensive I guess because not too many people have an "O" monogram.

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