Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tea Party Baby Shower

Planning a tea party baby shower is the perfect event for a soon to be mother, especially in the winter months. Most people like tea, and you can offer different varieties from iced to hot, as well as sweetened tea and unsweetened tea. I find adding some lemonade or punch with ice helps as well.
The most important detail with a tea party theme is the tea sets. You can find tea sets at decent prices online. Try a Google search and many vendors will come up. For the party I hosted I purchased 5 sets of 5 tea cups. Each set normally includes a saucer and cup. For the plates I used pink plates for a party outlet store in town. You can find great prices on party plates online as well. There are many varieties and it is a nice touch to match the napkin colors.
The food to complement is normally finger food such as tea sandwiches, petite fours, and small plates. Do not go overboard. I have been to many baby showers were food does not get eaten. Baby showers normally start after lunch and most people at beforehand. There is always cake served, so do not spend a significant about of money getting a large quantity of food.

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