Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tea Party Theme

Exciting tea party themes can add a fun twist to a traditional idea and thrill the special young lady in your life.
Little girls spend countless hours hosting imaginary tea parties - meticulously arranging miniature cups and saucers, expertly pouring invisible tea, and mastering the art of casual chitchat to a captive audience of teddy bears and dolls. Young ladies love tea parties because they make them feel beautiful, sophisticated, and very grown up. So why not make all those childhood dreams come true and plan a party that they will never forget?

1. Princess Tea Party. Every girl dreams of being a beautiful princess in her own Cinderella story, so play the fairy godmother and grant her the wish of spending a surreal afternoon in a breathtaking fairytale. Ask guests to come in elegant, fancy dresses, and make sure that each princess is crowned with a bejeweled tiara. Glitter, jewels, royal colors, sumptuous teacakes, and dainty cups and saucers will transform an ordinary tea party into a grand ball fit for a princess!
2. Valentine's Tea. Valentine's Day is a time to honor and recognize special friendships, and young ladies can celebrate by hosting a red and white tea party that is full of heart. Imagine how special each guest will feel when they are presented with a red rose and invited to partake of delicious heart-shaped treats while sipping savory red teas and sparkling punches.

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