Monday, 26 September 2011

English Tea Party

Who can forget the quaint little tea parties during the childhood days, in the garden? The excitement felt was tremendous when it came to laying down the dainty tablecloth and neatly arranging the plastic crockery. The experience of devouring the delicious sandwiches and pastries with your friends can never be forgotten even till today! I still remember hoping for an occasional pixie or goblin to drop in for tea!

 Tea parties have gone beyond the plastic cups and tiny tablecloths. To have a tea-lightful party, one goes through a lot of planning, right from the invitations to the crockery that is going to be used. The highlight of any tea party apart from the tea and the snacks of course, is the exclusive tea party gift basket. These are thought of and made with all the love and care by the host of such dos. 

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