Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Themes High Tea

The wide variety of haring aids and hearing aid technologies now available can make it difficult for the hearing-impaired to decide which hearing aids will be most effective in their individual circumstances.
And, given that fifty percent of all people over the age of fifty--and that means millions of Baby Boomers--will experience high frequency hearing loss as the “hair cells” in their inner ears deteriorate and can no longer convert sound waves into the electrical impulses which travel along the auditory nerves to the brain, hearing impairment is becoming a mainstream health issue.
To make matters even worse, high frequency hearing loss can result from overexposure to loud noise or music; and sufferers of high frequency hearing loss need help understanding conversations in noisy environments. Those with broadband hearing loss, on the other hand, need help across the entire auditory spectrum with both high and low pitched sounds.
Oticon, Inc, is the manufacturer of Delta hearing aids. Their Delta hearing aids have a revolutionary triangular design, with cutting edge digital technology specifically aimed at the Baby-Boomer-and-younger generations who are experiencing hearing impairment in the mild to moderate range.

The brushed-metal Delta hearing aids, which come in an astonishing seventeen colors, have tiny receivers attached to transparent wires. Because the receivers are inserted into the Delta Hearing aid user’s ear canals, they have made possible new designs previously unavailable to the hearing-impaired. Delta hearing aids have both the cosmetic appeal of inner ear hearing enhancement and the technological capabilities of behind-the-ear hearing aids.
Delta hearing aids, with their digital technology, allow their users to adjust them so that they only amplify the sounds which the users have difficulty hearing. Those one-in-two people who suffer from high frequency hearing loss can amplify the high-register sounds, without having to magnify the bass frequencies to an unbearable level.
Delta hearing aids, in a Crayola-box range of colors from Sunset Orange to Green Chameleon, with Mother-of-Pearl for the more formal set, are turning traditionally, well… ugly, hearing aids into fashion accessories!

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